2010 Salem Class Discourses

Br Robert Bennett IF YE DO THESE THINGS (mp3)

Br Darcy Andrus CHRISTMAS 2010 (mp3)

Br Lew Garrison THE OLD PATHS (mp3)

Br Ron Miller AS BECOMETH SAINTS (mp3)

Br Albert Svab REVELATION 12 (mp3)

Br Allen Springer A CHOSEN PEOPLE (mp3)

Br Peter Kirkham CHRISTIAN HONESTY (mp3)

Br Richard Stewart THE LORD’S DAY (mp3) * click for handout (ppt)

Br Robert Bennett STEWARDS OF GRACE (mp3) * click for handout (pdf)

Br Lew Garrison EASTER (mp3)

Br Ron Miller COMPASSION (mp3) * click for handout

Br Lawrence Kirkham BEAUTY (mp3)

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